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The Oldsmobile Northern Lights Chapter is a car club dedicated to all Oldsmobiles 1897 to present. Ownership of an Oldsmobile is not compulsory.



Happy Canada Day and welcome to the heat wave in the Summer of ’21. BC just hit 46.6C (116F) and we are also setting records. I’m hoping for half that temperature for our car show. And speaking of the Rocket Round Up, we are currently over 70% of people vaccinated and the second vaccine is being administer faster than the first dose. We are on track. Things are opening up now. Actually, as of today, we should be open everywhere. We contacted Hildebrand Motors in Olds about our car show for this year. They asked us to get back with them on June 10. We did and there was some worry that the optics of hosting a car show. I asked Jim Barbour our VP if he could go over and see what he could do. On June 14th it was decided that it wouldn’t work for us this year.

The main concern was how it could affect their business. There would be no lunch served and the dealership was opening up at slower pace because they don’t want to lock down again. That is their business so I fully understand that that is their main concern. People in Olds may be more cautious as their community is small and one person getting sick, will impact them more so than a larger town or city. They said that the washrooms would have to be closed to participants, so we both agreed to postpone the show for another year. Quite a few members on the Facebook asked if there was something we could do to hold the event. So I asked that if we found another location to host the show, how they’d feel about that. They were supportive. I told them that we’d be back in 2022 however for this year, we’d look around to see.

On June 15 I called Kipp Scott GMC Cadillac Buick in Red Deer (half way between Calgary and Edmonton and 20 miles north of Olds). I spoke with Mike Samson and asked if they’d be interested in hosting or 27th Show. They were the Oldsmobile dealership before Oldsmobile was killed off. He was very receptive and said we could use their SW corner lot. There should be lots of traffic passing by and if you get hungry, there are lots of restaurants across the street. Being that we didn’t know if our show was going on until mid-June, we are rushing to try to make this event happen. The address of the dealership is on the revised poster in this issue.

There will be no banquet this year as I didn’t have time to work on that and since I’m 95 miles from the show site, and time is just too short. We’ll have to wait until next year. The Mini-Art is ordered and I think
you will like it. A few trophies were also ordered for long distance (member and non-member) and the Oldest Oldsmobile in the show.

We need some people to step forward and volunteer to help. A few of our regulars can’t make it this year so if we want this to go smoothly, we need people to volunteer. We need people to park cars, hand out goody bags ahelp with handing out door prizes. Here is what we need, but the more we get the less work it will be for all.

4 – people to park cars from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm
4 – people to hand out goody bags and register non-registered cars
2 – people to help pass out door prizes and the cash prizes

You would have to be there by 9 am as some show up early. Please contact me if you can help. We would really appreciate it. Contact me at . If we don’t get enough volunteers, you may have to wait outside the show area until we can get to you.

There will be caravans leaving Edmonton and Calgary at 9 am.

Calgary: Deerfoot City Shopping Mall 2nd entrance off 64 Ave NE to Tim Horton’s.

Edmonton: at the oil derrick at Gateway Park on the outskirts of the city
on the QEII south.

Drive to Kipp Scott’s 68 Street (Piper Dr.) entrance to enter the show. The first 50 registered cars will get a goods bag. There will no goody bag if you register and don’t bring your car.

If you are coming to the show, try to pre-register as it makes it much faster and easier to have you enter. Stay safe, stay cool, Happy Canada Day and Go Habs Go! :)


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