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The Oldsmobile Northern Lights Chapter is a car club dedicated to all Oldsmobiles 1897 to present. Ownership of an Oldsmobile is not compulsory.



Spring is in the air and I for one am looking forward to the summer of car shows and cruise nights. Time to reconnect with people that I haven’t seen in a few months.

There is a new Canadian Muscle Car magazine out. It focuses mostly on Canadian cars but has US cars as well. It also focuses on car events Across Canada and the US. In the winter 2022 Edition, I noticed at least one car that was at the
2021 Rocket Roundup. Since Peterson Publishing cancelled, Muscle Car Review, this magazine fills the void for this craving. Check it out.

Speaking of car shows, there was a shooting at a car show in Arkansas about 10 days ago. Who ever heard of something like that? It brings home the adage “Make sure you always know your surroundings”, as there are crazies everywhere.

The banquet for this year’s Rocket Roundup in Olds is a go as of this printing. The meal, like everything else has gone up in price. We are being charged $24.95. per meal. The club will hold the price we had the last time we hosted a banquet. We will charge $25.00 per meal. The choices are as in the past, chicken or beef with vegetables, potatoes and desert. As in the past, if some are still hungry after everyone has eaten, you can go back for seconds. I’m promoting the banquet because If we get 50 people to come to it, the club will make $2.50. :)

Since we’re having the banquet, that means the show in a go. We will meet in the Town of Olds on the third Saturday in July. If you can volunteer to park cars, register late registrations, give some door prizes away, it will be very much appreciated. Remember, the earlier you register the faster you get to pick your door prize. See the poster on page 9. Let’s see some special cars again.

I remember telling my kids years ago when they were about 10 to “Come see this special vehicle that has 6 wheels and flies!” They were in the basement playing video games with their friends. I could hear a commotion as they were running up the stairs with their friends in tow and yelling for their mother to come outside quickly. One said “This is gonna be so cool.” My wife Karen also came outside to see what was going on. Last time she heard the kids this excited, I had come home with a Corvette. She wasn’t impressed. When they all got outside they looked down the street and then everyone started looking skyward. Karen looked skyward too because the kids were. “WHERE IS IT DAD?!” “Right there,” as I pointed down the street. Everyone looked at me with a perplexed look on their faces. “THAT’S A GARBAGE TRUCK!” “Yeah” I said, “Six wheels and flies.” This time, no one was impressed. :)

Make sure you join our Facebook page to see what’s coming up for swap meets, car shows in between newsletters. Have a great spring and I hope to see you at the show.


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